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Institutional Services

At Woodard & Company, our fiduciary duty to clients is the primary focus. By doing so, we always hold our clients’ best interests first. This duty is our standard and we use it as a benchmark in our due diligence. Our retirement plan package includes the following:

Provider Management:

  • In depth needs assessment to determine whether your current plan is meeting participant and company requirements as well as industry requirements.
  • Implementation of automated services, investment options as well as educational and online tools.
  • Ongoing service and support through Fidelity Institutional Services.

Plan Design Consulting and Investment Selection:

  • Evaluate and implement certain design features such as auto enrollment; auto annual increase programs and target date fund defaults.
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of plan investment options.
  • Maintain ongoing due diligence in our investment performance monitoring which includes disciplined research and fund analysis.
  • Model portfolio examples and implementations based on market risk tolerance.
    • Fund evaluation and selection.
    • Review and analyze fund managers we perceive as superior in their respective disciplines.
    • Ongoing due diligence and review includes, but is not limited to: online database search and analysis; resource references such as Morningstar, Standard & Poors, Value Line, annual reports, periodicals, prospectuses, SEC filings and company press releases.
  • Employee Engagement Strategies
    • Targeted education programs that encourage employees to enroll, save more money, invest better, and plan smarter.
    • Enrollment meetings
  • Fee Benchmarking

Risk Management Strategies:

  • Established fiduciary process regarding Investment Committee oversight.
  • Maintain the plan in accordance with your written plan document and ERISA standards.
  • Compliance for 404(c) protection.

We are able to provide a quality benefit plan at an affordable price. Our goal is to help your business provide this option to your business’s most valuable asset: your employees.

Buy Quality and Diversify®

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