Markets and investments will fluctuate; there is always inherent risk in the investment markets. Utilizing high quality securities in an appropriately diversified portfolio will typically reduce the risk and enhance returns. Historic risk and reward parameters are quantifiable. While we can’t know the future, the past can be useful in providing a framework for our portfolio management. We are nevertheless forward thinking in our investment strategy.

Our approach is not new. Our investment philosophy is based upon sound, proven, fundamental investment principals: “Buy quality and diversify.”



We manage assets utilizing two basic investment portfolio styles. Our primary management style we term “Tactical Asset Allocation.” This method bases our portfolio structure on a client’s needs and objectives. The discipline incorporates established portfolio theory with our experience in markets, trends, and the economy to make tactical reallocations to reflect the changing investment environment. We then utilize top mutual fund management in different asset classes to structure a sound and diversified investment portfolio. This approach offers a broadly diversified allocation of the client’s assets among many asset classes.

For individuals seeking equity management our stock portfolio is called “Market Leaders.” We invest in blue chip stocks that are typically leaders or emerging leaders in their specific industry group. Typically this portfolio is tax efficient and sector neutral to the S&P 500. This portfolio is concentrated and generally consists of between fifteen and twenty stocks that are primarily large-cap, blue chip companies.



Investment strategy evolves from both internal and external research; however all decisions are made in house by our management team.

The investment committee reviews financial, economic, and company specific data in real time through external services. In other words, we have desktop access to the necessary data to make informed decisions on behalf of our clients.

Woodard & Company conducts its own research in support of our investment strategy. Numerous resources are utilized and all research is paid for by the firm. We do not utilize “soft dollar” or other similar arrangements for research.